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we have seen many other movie websites or application sharing websites.
In the pass years most of these site are using too many popup / popunder
ADs and short link url ( , , Linkshrink etc ) if you want to
download your favorite movie or apps , you need to bypass at least 10 steps
to get actual download link. this is painful and annoying.

We all know that without ADs we can’t survived next season.
(server cost, stuff cost, hardware cost etc… )

So our team make a decision.

(1) to provide High Quality movie with small file size.

(2) to provide download link with 3 different server.

(3) Do not use any kind of popup / popunder ADs.

(4) Do not use any kind of Short Url.

(5) to provide undead download link as possible as we can.

(6) to cover up server cost, we are only using Banner Ads.

(7) if you like our website and want to help we have provide
ETH donation address on all movie pages. you can donate
0.002 ETH = $1 per month or per year as you like. if you
don’t want to donate, is fine no problem at all ,you are feel
free to use our website and enjoy your holidays.

Best regards
Movie7plus Admin Team